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Guerrilla digital es la única opción viable para proyectar en redes sociales para los pequeños y medianos negocios

Digital guerrilla: low intensity, but great impact

Digital guerrilla: low intensity, but great impact

Social networks are a battlefield, a kind of perpetual war only designed for those most capable at an organizational, mental and economic level to succeed in 2.0. Digital Guerrilla: low intensity, but great impact is one path.
We must assume that even a victory over the enemy is only partially so. When we let our guard down or show weakness, they will deal us the right blow, losing positioning in search engines and relevance on the platforms of our niche or segment. For the small or medium-sized entrepreneur, the way out is low-intensity war or directly digital guerrilla versus large deployments or media.
Too often many fall into digital marketing trap trends that should be avoided:

  • Flat rate of expenses in perpetuity: Even if we have sufficient solvency to hire SEO and/or SEM experts, we must try to keep in mind that a structural expense is not always a good idea. Just because others do it does not mean that you need it. Analyze your needs carefully before deciding.
  • Seasonal fashion: Like all productive sectors, social networks have their trends (in many cases, invented). This has the disadvantage that almost everyone who listens to the new fashion seems to turn off common sense and believe that it is a dogma of faith that will last for decades. Two things to keep in mind: what works for others does not have to work in our business and no methodology can survive more than six months without losing impact, unless it adapts like a glove to our niche.
  • Bet on a single channel: The times of having two television channels (La Primera and Segunda) or two predominant social networks (Facebook and Twitter) have gone down in history. The fragmentation of the market is now a reality that we must accept.

Simple but efficient techniques.

The key is to be on constant alert, looking for the opportunity to attract attention, steal a customer or prevent them from escaping. Let's look at some simple but effective examples:

  • Give away downloads: Many users are consumers of digital content (fashion ebooks, bonuses for Spotify, Steam, etc.). They are cheap and easy to “ship.”
  • Mention your followers in your RRSS wishing them a good weekend.
  • Always respond to mentions and, if possible, in a friendly and fun way: use gifs, memes, etc. Have fun.
  • Congratulate the designated days to the prosumers: Birthdays, saints' days, anniversaries, significant days of other nationalities...the year is full of them. Avoid automatic notifications by personalizing them with phrases or direct references so that the client knows that you have thought about him/her.
  • Share others' comments

In short, in digital guerrilla marketing it is important for prosumers to be liked, to make it clear to them that your company does take them into account. After all, they are the ones who will make your brand go viral.

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