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GTA and time thieves; the change of mentality

GTA and time thieves; the change of mentality


Time is the most valuable thing a person can spend.


Our folklore and popular culture are full of references to time. There are hundreds of sad pop songs that long for lost time and many movies about time travel to change the past.
This curious obsession with time is not coincidental, since of the three variables we invest (money, effort and time) it is the one we waste the most and the one we miss the most later.
Physical and virtual shelves are filled with hundreds of books and works that claim to have the magic formula for time management. But many of them, if not all, err on the basis of their own reason for being and existence:
Why and why do we want to save or manage our time better?


If we think about the decided bet of Guadalinfo for innovation and for creating an environment favorable to economic growth, we can lead one to think that they are an important support for entrepreneurship in general. But if we are more observant, we will see that, in reality, the programs, workshops, cycles or talks are aimed at creating an Andalusian business network of social economy. The non-expert eye will consider that entrepreneurship is the same as this type of initiative, but it hides the same subtle difference that confuses those who want to understand how to manage time. For the second time I ask you the same question:
What do we want our time for?
Many people think that creating a business project is synonymous with risk, effort, dedication and burning hundreds of hours that we must subtract from other accounting balances, such as family life, friends, hobbies, etc. They are right, but they have a wrong conception of timing.
A social economy company responds to entrepreneurship designed to solve society's problems as its main reason for being, but if that means investing hundreds of hours and conditioning the lives and compromising the time of those involved, we are basically doing it wrong. .
That is why it makes perfect sense that in the cycle of talks at Guadalinfo Impulsa, under the name “The challenges of the innovator”, topics such as the validation of ideas, team coordination, the demystification of false myths, etc., are addressed, but also time management is included. Guadalinfo wants to promote healthy and healthy projects where the people involved grow and fulfill themselves, but do not have to condition their time/life as a slave to work.
It is essential to acquire new habits, eliminate time thieves, leave excess baggage behind and focus on what productivity and management tools can help us dedicate the necessary minutes (and no more) to each task or project.


01. Hábitos a cambiar o:y Eliminar
After looking at the map above carefully, if you don't identify with any of these bad habits, this is not your talk. Go to any of the other seven that take place throughout Andalusia.
But first, take a look at this mind map with tools and solutions:
02. Productividad en la gestión y ejecución de tareas
Be honest. The bug is biting you now. Well if you listen to this podcast with Javier Cristóbal and Jeroén Sangers, about minimalism and the need to know our apps and work environments in depth, you will understand the existential priority of reducing the complexity of what surrounds us.
After this I could sell you anything, but the best thing is that these talks are free and will also help you do good networking.

Call to Action

If you feel that you lack hours in the day or if you have ever tried to save time, but it has not been enough, you will be able to contribute a lot to the Guadalinfo Impulsa colloquium on Productivity and Time Management with the coach and podcaster Miguel Infantes on June 6 in Malaga (Territorial Delegation of Economy, Innovation, Science and Employment Assembly Hall. Avda. Juan XXIII, nº 82, location here). And you will learn one of the things you need most. I assure you that every second you invest in this productive networking event will help you improve your workflows and optimize what you have the least left over: your time.
Reserve your place now by completing the form.

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