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Mainjobs Group launches the Andalucía is IN Training program

Mainjobs Group launches the Andalucía is IN Training program

The Department of Employment, Training and Self-Employment of the Government of Andalusia and Grupo Mainjobs launch the Andalucía is IN Training program, to train 3,000 Andalusian job seekers at levels B2 and C1 of English.

The Department of Employment, Training and Self-Employment of the Government of Andalusia has trusted Mainjobs Group to train for free a total of 3,000 Andalusian job seekers, in order for them to acquire the English language skills necessary so that they can take the accreditation tests of the levels B2 and C1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL).

This business group with roots in Malaga, with more than 13 years of history, offers training and technological and educational innovation services to public administrations, companies and individuals. In addition, Grupo Mainjobs is an authorized examination center for Oxford Test of English, Trinity, TOEIC and Anglia and has formed more than 8,000 students in English in the last 3 years.

During the year 2022 will be formed a total of 39 groups for level B2 and 19 groups for level C1, with a duration of approximately 3 months each. On February 7, the first edition of the B2 level began, made up of four groups, with a total of 240 participants committed and excited about this free training opportunity. In March, six groups will start, in the second edition of level B2, for 360 unemployed people and the first edition of level C1, with two groups, for 120 job seekers, as a priority.

In both training actions, the acquisition of the 4 main linguistic skills will be combined: reading, listening, writing and speaking, with a highly qualified teaching team who are looking forward to starting this journey.

The project directors, Rachel Sanchez and Toñi González, consider this program essential to increase the knowledge and use of English among Andalusians, thus enabling real professional growth not only in the service sector but in all sectors of activity. In his opinion, it is a great opportunity to take training with innovative tools, with resources that adapt to all participants, dynamic and with a multitude of activities guided by a teaching team specialized in teaching English learning.

Martha Alonso, Director of the Grupo Mainjobs Language School, and Academic Director of the Andalucía is IN training project, highlights the great demand that exists among Andalusians for training in English, considering it a great opportunity to prepare for the level, being a perfect launch pad for be able to improve your resume. Furthermore, it highlights that learning a language involves communication and its use, and with this training this issue is given weight with conversation sessions with native teachers, workshops, live classes, and group activities.

For more information about requirements and registration, access the following links:
Level B2: https://grupomainjobs.com/ingles/b2/

Level C1: https://grupomainjobs.com/ingles/c1/

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