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Intelligent equipment management

Intelligent equipment management

 “I hire the best people to tell me what to do, not to tell them what to do.”

Steve Jobs

We live in the golden age of series. Even people who never felt very close to the American or Spanish series (with exceptions, such as Friends), for a few years now have been alternating comments and debates about the league with the disagreements between the Starks and the Lannisters, in the last chapter of Game of Thrones.
Almost all groups and sectors have a production that represents them: lawyers, police, clerks, IT professionals, etc. The field of innovation, so important in these times, lacked a solid commitment in the world of serial training until recently, when the payment chain HBO opted for the particular comedy Silicon Valley, which tells the adventures of a technological innovator who tries by all means to turn his idea into a gold mine (what is called a unicorn in the field).
Beyond the anecdote and the comic situations we see that, episode after episode, the protagonist suffers the stress of setting up a company and the many problems that afflict most pioneers in the same situation. One of those problems is retaining talent so that it is not “stolen” by some other project with more resources. And no idea, no matter how good it may be, succeeds without a good team.


Social economy initiatives are the determined commitment of Guadalinfo Impulsa and, as we have already mentioned, the Cycle of Colloquiums “The Challenges of the Innovator” seeks to strengthen the social economy fabric, which already involves more than 11,500 companies today, placing it at the head of the national ranking.
There is nothing more commendable than creating wealth and that this means finding solutions to real problems of Andalusian society. The only problem with the wonderful figures of the number of companies that work on innovation in this modality is that they assume that competition is increasingly fierce and it is necessary to become more technical in uses, customs and operations as quickly as possible.
One of the main keys for companies related to the social economy is their human capital. As Silicon Valley teaches us, a good team is not enough, but the right direction is needed, with a leader who is empathetic in treating his members and who knows how to enhance talent and unite his team. And that is exactly what Javier Martín Guerrero will teach us in his colloquium “Leadership and intelligent management for social innovation projects” on June 1 in Granada.


The solution is not simple, but we can give you a checklist to start looking for symptoms of an ailment that may be significant and may be undermining the progress of your project:

As an active worker, before launching your own business idea, you may have suffered a lot from these “evils,” which we assume are insurmountable and insurmountable in Latin corporate culture. But perhaps it is time to avoid these vices and, both for sustainability and corporate "Karma", visit the couch of reflection and self-criticism.

Call to Action

The good news is that there are people who discovered/developed solutions to these problems and you can learn from their experience. If you are lucky enough to be able to meet them, you can save yourself from having to apply shock treatment or invest your time/energy/resources. in solving them. Look how lucky, that precisely in Granada on June 1st at the PTS Foundation Assembly Hall, we will have a colloquium called: "Intelligent leadership and management for social innovation projects", I think the title speaks for itself, check the list above and if your eyes stay on any section that is good for your project Don't think twice and reserve your place by completing the form.

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