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Escuelas corporativas para la tecnificación del día a día en la empresa

Corporate Schools

Corporate Schools

ICT solutions to corporatize and professionalize training


Classic training actions are based on force the declarative memoryit which engenders a student body who only knows how to repeat like parrots the little they are able to remember two months into the course.

Since we know that nobody wants parrots working in their company, we have created the Corporate Schools in collaboration with HR departments. We design complex programming, based on the call procedural memory, which allows for technicalization, generating lasting knowledge and practical habits in a process of constructive learning.


We specially designed for you a three-year comprehensive plan, dynamic and evolutionary, based on new technologies and articulated on a real-time analysis of competencies.

We reinvent programmed training to generate PLEs (personal learning environments) in the medium and long term, tailored to your corporate needs.

A plan specially prepared so that your corporation have the push you are looking for. It's not just that more than 750 clients have trusted us for their training, it's that we grow when faced with problems. Our genetic corporate innovation, along with a pool of consultants from half a dozen countries, make us highly effective in creating modular and scalable solutions.


Did you know...?

He real impact of isolated training actions disappears 3 months after having been given if they are not organized within a broader and more ambitious global framework.

What we offer?


  • Define the job competency profiles.
  • Assess competencies and/or performance of people.
  • Elaborate formation plans.
  • Evaluate the transfer with indicators.
  • Corporate e-learning platform gamified.
  • Planning and management software Of the information.
  • Reception plan.
  • Collaborator Portal: intranet for dissemination of information and training.


If you have any doubts...