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The SEPE awards Mainjobs a new contract to train its civil servants in linguistic skills

The SEPE awards Mainjobs a new contract to train its civil servants in linguistic skills

The consulting firm positions itself as a trusted company to digitize processes and develop the potential of public administrations

Often, the professional career of the civil service is a mystery for people who carry out their daily lives on the other side of the Public Administration. How do you grow professionally? How do you adapt to the new needs of your jobs? How does the State guarantee the development of its human capital?

Although the effort that the Administration makes to stay updated and competitive in the globalized world in which we live is a silent work that often goes unnoticed, in Mainjobs We are witnesses of the level of awareness that exists on the part of state organizations when it comes to identifying and promoting talent among their ranks, as well as promoting the digitalization of their processes, to ensure that citizens enjoy the best possible services.

Training in English for SEPE professionals

Today we want to make that effort more visible by talking about training contract in English that the State Public Employment Service (SEPE) has awarded to Mainjobs, whose objective is none other than to ensure the linguistic skills of the professionals who work at the SEPE at the level of oral and written comprehension and expression in English, training up to 1,000 of them at different levels, from A1 to C1.

This contract, financed by European Next Generation funds, starts at €300,000, with the potential to reach half a million. However, the importance for Mainjobs lies in the fact that it allows us to collaborate once again with the SEPE at the national level, administration with which the consulting firm has already won several tenders in this year 2022.

A year-long project

Training for people employed at the SEPE is about to begin and will run until November 2023, a period in which users will be able to enjoy group and individual virtual classes with native teachers and/or with proven extensive experience in teaching English.

In addition, for students who start from a higher level, they will be taught in-person classes and a 6-hour in-person seminar in English, focused on the topic “Next Spanish presidency of the Council of the European Union”. That is, it is a training specifically designed to master English applied to the SEPE's work environment, also adapted to the different levels of responsibility and starting points of the civil service.

Although English is an essential requirement in most tests for access to a public employment position, Languages are characterized by the need to practice and reinforce them over time so as not to lose capabilities. That is why we applaud and support initiatives like this, which They assure the Spanish civil service the possibility of always remaining at the peak of its potential.

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