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Los escenarios de aprendizaje ofrecen una alternativa a la forma de impartir las clases

Learning scenarios, adaptation of training

Learning scenarios, adaptation of training

Streamlining training is now possible

Each work or personal situation is a world, the sum of a series of disparate factors and variables. To give consistency to any training action we have learning scenarios.

The formation well understood must consider the different learning scenarios, being flexible. Given that we are evolving towards a model of Blended Learning (Blended Learning), there must be an agreement between what the students want/expect/need and the objectives that the training action has set.


The arrival of new technological options, such as Apps, virtual and augmented reality environments, they are changing the rules, making it easier (as long as we have the knowledge and capacity) to plan, deploy and quantify high-impact and highly available training actions that they do not waste our students' time and desire.

Learning scenarios, when you want and where you want

With an increasingly mobile life and a trend towards geographical availability in the workplace, classic learning scenarios have had and have to integrate those devices that accompany us everywhere, but not only smartphone or phablet phones with large screen), tablet and the Smart Watches They must be part of a continuous flow that enriches learning scenarios, encompassing more and more possibilities of training in any situation and innovating in methodology. Some of those that we already use or have designed are a sample of the potential that mobility has in the evolution of learning scenarios:

  • Notifications: Notices of exercises, pending activities, messages in forums, etc. to improve feedback between participants.
  • WhatsApps for resolution of doubts: Universalize this channel to resolve doubts between tutors and students.
  • Creating shared media resources: Mobile devices can become teaching tools to create material, videos, audio and photography that can be uploaded to the community faster than using email or forums.


Did you know...?

Creating personalized learning scenarios generates a better predisposition of the students, since a friendly environment facilitates the process of assimilating concepts, methodologies and habits. As added value, it usually involves the discovery of new technological uses and options for participants.

What we offer?

  • Identify training needs, level of knowledge of the students, available technologies, etc.
  • Design specific learning scenarios.
  • Quantify progress.
  • Update rules, standards and content of training environments.
If you have any doubts...