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At Grupo Mainjobs we don't worry about the future: we make it

At Grupo Mainjobs we don't worry about the future: we make it


Many people and companies worry about the future, but is it really the best way to face it?


At Grupo Mainjobs we think that there are a better way: creating it.  


So, when companies in our sector are still paralyzed Due to the adverse circumstances, we had already been benefiting from the advantages of the telecommuting, for example.


Creating the future is having been able to transform into on-line each and every one of our clients' face-to-face training activities in less than 48 hours.


We were able to do it thanks to the fact that our staff is full of knowmads capable of finding a solution to any problem of our clients. And innovation is the trademark of the house.


If we went pioneers in working on the digital competencies framework and we train them professionals from public administrations, large companies, SMEs, self-employed, etc. is because each person who is part of Grupo Mainjobs already had those skills before.


While other consultancies advise from theory, we do it from the excellence that the years bring being the first in technological solutionsAnd this is something that our clients are clear about. We tell you some examples.



In our collaboration with Guadalinfowe have participated in the continuous training of the AIL network within the European Framework DigComp with face-to-face actions and on-line and one digital skills self-diagnosis tool to promote their great work in the centers throughout Andalusia.  


Next to Spanish Red Cross we have created training itineraries for the improvement of refugee employability and persons applicants and beneficiaries of international protection. Because we like to be where we are needed most 


We always give the best of our group, pero cwhen you collaborate with the UN you feel like you have to give even moreAND it has been worth it extra effort what they have assumed the interactive multimedia content for the training of engineers and technical personnel from all over the world in the New Generation of Telecommunications Networks. 


We could enumerate many more projects, but there will be time next posts. For now, only mention that in everything we can do for your organizations We are supported by the experience of being pioneers and not the fact of joining the fashion. 


Yeah you aspire to lead a truly innovative companyyou can start by measuring your digital skills with one of our success stories.


If, on the other hand, you are looking for something inspiration, take a look at some of the possibilities Online training that we currently offer you so that you can train Now that you spend so much time at home:



We read each other! 

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