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Job insertion PEOPLE

Job insertion of people motivated to grow professionally.

Committed to you 

Program Comprehensive training and employment
in the province ofMalaga

You will make a employability diagnosis, from which the personalized itinerary that you need to equip yourself with the most in-demand professional skills that adapt to your profile, and with it your chances of obtaining a job.
You will participate in orientation activities that will facilitate your job search:  

CV preparation.

Workshops to prepare for a job interview.

Advice on self-employment. 

You will receive qualifications accreditation of a training innovative custom designed taught in an entertaining and fun way.
After improving your professional skills, we accompany you in the job placement process: 

We carry out a survey of the labor market to find the company that seeks to fill the job that best suits your profile. 

We propose your candidacy to fill the position found and we accompany you in the selection process. 

We follow up to make sure you have adapted well to the new job. 

Places available limited

In the last call of this program we reached a job placement ratio of the people participating in the64%. 

Information session in collaboration with the local assembly
of the Red Cross in Cártama.

Group sessions.

Our experience inemployability

Our commitment 

At least the 40% of the participants in the program will be inserted into the labor market during this program. 

He 100% of the participants who complete this program will significantly improve their level in both digital skills and basic and transversal skills, including: 

Achievement orientation.

Conflict resolution.




Decision making.

Flexibility and adaptation to change.


Analytical thinking.




Why our employment program Isn't it one more? 

By completing the personalized insertion itinerary, all participants in our program will be able to obtain: 

Know your level of digital skills in accordance with the digital skills framework Digcomp, obtaining a report with recommendations to progress in the 5 areas. 

Training and certificate of management skills issued by Harvard Business Publishing

Official English degree TOEIC of level B1 or higher to prove that you can function in work environments in English.

Certifications Microsoft to accredit the knowledge acquired during the office automation program. 

Personalized training to access the specific jobs available. 

Community We accompany each other 

This initiative creates an environment of collaboration and support among program participants that is very beneficial and enriching for everyone. 

At Mainjobs we encourage the creation of a community among the participants of this program, by organizing a series of activities that complement the basic ones, and that allow the participants to interact with each other and with potential employer companies: 

Monthly breakfasts: in which to learn about the experience of other users, visits from employers.

Visit to work centers of potential employing companies.

Leisure outings: cultural visits to museums, cinema, etc.

Telegram group: in which very close contact with the counselor will be maintained at all times. 

Testimonials of previous calls


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