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Job insertion COMPANIES

Job insertion of people motivated to grow professionally.

We help you incorporate talent into your company

Speed – Flexibility – Convenience – Involvement
Specialization – Training – Social Responsibility

What do we offer you?

At Mainjobs we design and deliver the appropriate training itinerary to provide participants in this program with the professional skills necessary for the profiles that your company demands. 

Service comprehensive

We analyze the needs of profiles to incorporate into your company.

We design and develop a personalized itinerary for program participants to follow.

We provide the designed training. 

We propose the people who best suit the position and we accompany them during the selection process, supporting them to facilitate their adaptation to the new job. 

Warranty participating people: each team counselor knows the participants in his or her group well, with close treatment throughout the development of the insertion itinerary.

Training to the letter: we prepare the profiles that your company needs, tailored, through the design of personalized insertion itineraries. 

Service quality: We have a team of professionals with extensive experience in job placement. Grupo Mainjobs' track record in training, with more than 100,000 people trained, guarantees that participants in our program will receive the best service.

Service gratuitous: We offer you this service at no cost to your company, completely free of charge, thanks to its inclusion in the Comprehensive Projects Program for Labor Insertion of the Andalusian Employment Service of the Junta de Andalucía. 

Collaborations in job insertion matter in the province ofMalaga 

We involve companies in our employment program, encouraging them to match with the talent that is developed in our employment agency.

Signing of collaboration agreement with ACEV.
Vélez-Málaga Business Association:

Company collaborated in job placement programs.

Presentation of job opportunities as a renewable energy technician in the company Solarnub.


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