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Job insertion of people motivated to grow professionally

Job insertion of people motivated to grow professionally.

Program Comprehensive training and employment
in the province ofMalaga

What do we offer to COMPANIES that need to hire?

Candidates trained and endorsed by Mainjobs.

Support to complete your selection processes.

Tailored training for your company. 

Monitoring (at least 4 months) of the person hired in their job.

What do we offer to PEOPLE interested in working? 

More than 100 hours of empowerment and training.

Skills Certificate from Harvard Business Publishing.

Official TOEIC English qualification at level B1 or higher.

Official Microsoft Office certifications.

Diagnosis of digital skills according to Digcomp. 

Financial incentive of 528 euros for completing your itinerary. 

Access to a professional community with common objectives. 

Who can participate in the program? 

People unemployed registered as unemployed job seekers in the Andalusian Employment Service belonging to groups with special difficulties in accessing the labor market and residents in the province of Malaga: 

Persons receiving benefits, unemployment benefits or Active Insertion Income. 

People with disabilities.

People in long-term unemployment.

People over 45 years of age.

Migrant people.

People in situations of social exclusion.

Testimonials of previous calls

Team of admission and professional orientation


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