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The red thread and the keys to collaborative teleworking

The red thread and the keys to collaborative teleworking


Many companies (and the people who make them up) currently feel like the Greek Sisyphus, condemned to try to climb a huge stone to the top of a mountain every day of his life. After each day, Sisyphus's punishment stone rolled back down, Sisyphus having to repeating the same process over and over again in an absurd and frustrating way.

That eternal and impossible climb to the top of the mountain It is, as the days and weeks go by, the condemnation of companies and organizations without digital transformation. And now every day is a day of confusion and frustration for many workers who lose focus due to calls and video calls that are much more numerous and longer than they should, who find themselves alone in the face of obstacles, who do not know how to deal with work stress. and concern for his loved ones…


These workers are victims of their companies, which, with an analogical and short-term vision, did not know how to create the future as we have always done at Grupo Mainjobs. Today, on the way to 20 days of confinement, in ggroup Mainjobs we don't have to climb any digital mountains because We had already mastered collaborative teleworking for a long time. Our stone has been on the top of the mountain for years.


Thus, our team today is as strong as ever and we can even proudly boast of adding new members to our family.


While other companies have to Dispensing with personnel, we have expanded our staff of technicians and collaborators. Yeah, We are generating employment. This is because Our client base has increased in recent weeks thanks to two vital factors: 


  1. A large part of our competence is still paralyzed due to circumstances.
  2. Our know-how has proven to be perfect for VUCA contexts and environments (initials in English for volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity).


And along the way we are ensuring that each and every one of our clients has the solution they need so that the mountain they have to climb is much less difficult, providing them with solid products for the current circumstances, but also for the post-Covid era. Because, as you remember, At Grupo Mainjobs we manufacture the future


We are achieving all this thanks to the team that makes up Grupo Mainjobs, being pioneers in technological solutions and carrying innovation in our DNA. Do you want to have a strong team in your company? We give you the keys to achieve it:



The situation will improve, we have no doubt, but in the meantime, before we can all smile again, you have to move forward. So, Whoever you are, we can support you so that you can overcome your obstacles and be able to raise your stone to the top of the mountain that you have had to live.


AND It will be a pleasure for us to feel that we have given everything for you. Whether you are a person actively searching for employment, a company, a public organization or a self-employed person, we can provide you with solutions to be more sustainable, to be more prepared and be more competitive. 


Find your solution in our online training catalog:



We read each other!

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