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Zeta District: The digital transformation to live in a Smart neighborhood

Zeta District: The digital transformation to live in a Smart neighborhood

Zeta District:

The digital transformation for

live in a Smart neighborhood

What happens when you ask Generation Z where and how they want to live?

That digital transformation is in every corner of the neighborhood you imagine. 

In case you don't know what generation zeta is, also known as centennials or zoomers, we'll update you: 

  • These are people born after 1995. The oldest are 26 years old and are looking for their place in the labor market and the youngest are only 11 years old. 
  • Not only are they digital natives, they His life revolves around technology without realizing it. 
  • They haven't known the world before the economic crisis because they were too young before the housing bubble, so they are austere. They need things to last as long as possible and fit their budget. 
  • They are an unambitious generation, not at all demanding and, above all, shy.
  • They are creative and they are more united (even if it's through the internet) than millennials ever were. 
  • If millennials were looking to live experiences, centennials They seek security, tranquility and to be happy. 
  • They are capable of coming together from every corner of the world to destroy a political rally or raise a social cause that moves them. AND They are very concerned about the environment. Not in vain, 3 years ago it was predicted that it would be the generation that would save the world. 
Source: Digital Magazine

Seeing all this, you can already get an idea of what “Z District” is going to be like, a neighborhood designed for and by centennials. In 2024, 3,450 new homes (more than a thousand of them social, that is, a 30% will be VPO) will be located on 66 hectares. In total, it is estimated that about 8,000 residents will reside in this area.

This neighborhood, which will be located between Interlhorce and Los Prados, is aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals, the 2030 Agenda and the smart city concept, thus, it is based on 4 main pillars: 

  • The sustainability, since they are genuinely concerned about the environment and the surroundings. The neighborhood will have urban gardens, green areas, elements to capture renewable energy...
  • The mobility: Generation Z does not use cars much (either for ideology or for economic reasons), which is why charging stations for electric cars will be installed, but they will also have more than 3.5 kilometers of bike lanes and delivery means through drones. 
  • The community: This generation is quite far from the concept of the traditional family (equally, whether due to ideology, economic reasons or a combination of both) and spaces have been designed to spend time in groups or gangs.
  • The technology: augmented or virtual reality, intelligent rotating guides, intelligent lighting control, atmospheric sensors, etc. 

As you see, The Zeta District has been working hard to do everything possible to help the environment, but also to adapt to new social realities and to take full advantage of technology and digital transformation.  

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