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Cudeca and Mainjobs raise more than €41,000 for the care of people with cancer and other advanced diseases

Cudeca and Mainjobs raise more than €41,000 for the care of people with cancer and other advanced diseases

Mainjobs y Cudeca renuevan su convenio
  • On June 26, Mainjobs signed the renewal of the sponsorship agreement for the Cudeca solidarity piggy banks at the foundation's facilities.
  • Last year, the Foundation's charity boxes managed to raise €41,879.81 thanks to the collaboration of Malaga society and the important support of Mainjobs as official sponsor of the charity boxes.

The Cudeca Foundation, a Malaga NGO dedicated to palliative care, has more than 1,000 piggy banks each year located in homes and businesses throughout the province of Malaga, with the aim of raising funds to care, completely free of charge, for people with cancer and other advanced diseases and their families.

The Cudeca Foundation cares for and accompanies each year more than 1,800 people and offers support to more than 2,400 family members thanks to the support of Malaga society through donors, charity shops, events, members and/or volunteers, etc.

For several years, Cudeca has also had the support of Mainjobs through the sponsorship of the Foundation's solidarity piggy banks. Mainjobs has renewed, on June 26, 2023, the annual agreement by which provides the necessary funds for the creation of the more than 1,200 piggy banks that CUDECA puts into circulation with a double objective: raising funds to carry out its commendable work, and raising awareness among the population about the importance of quality care for people with advanced diseases.

Cudeca and Mainjobs, a collaboration with history

Thanks to the solidarity piggy banks that resulted from previous agreement, CUDECA has allowed the Foundation to raise €41,879.81, exceeding the objectives proposed for the year. Through this new agreement and collaboration with Mainjobs, it is estimated that this figure will be exceeded.

Furthermore, in the latest meetings between the foundation and the Mainjobs team, we have opened new possible avenues of collaboration between the technology company and the Foundation. Among them, during our visit to the CUDECA facilities on the 26th, we were able to get to know its facilities in depth. Particularly, the recently inaugurated Training and Research Center Yusuf Hamed opens its doors to collaborate on projects in person.

Present at the signing of this new agreement, on behalf of CUDECA, were Dr. Marisa Martín Roselló, manager of the foundation; Rosa Cazorla, coordinator of the home care program; and Sara Baena, piggy bank coordinator. On behalf of Mainjobs, Mª Carmen Ruiz, director of projects and institutional relations, and Isabel Diéguez, director of communications, came to the firm.

From here we encourage our readers to make a donation through the following link, as well as to acquire a solidarity piggy bank for your home or business by contacting the Cudeca Foundation at huchas@cudeca.org or by calling 663 083 460.