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Virtual educational communities: Because learning is also living in society

Virtual educational communities: Because learning is also living in society

Lately many people reflect on loneliness What others feel or imagine others feel in this situation of isolation that is now 25 days old.


As we already mentioned the last week, at Grupo Mainjobs we do not feel alone, but in addition, We know that our students do not suffer from this problem either.


As you know, At Mainjobs Group we create the future and, precisely for that reason, we had already noticed that Part of the educational experience is the relationship that is established with teachers and, of course, with the companions. We knew that In online training many people missed human contact and we found a solution. We created the first virtual educational community. 


A virtual educational community allows joint learning to assimilate that which escapes individual study.


We have all learned throughout our lives from the example of others, from their ideas, from their support or from their explanations and that is something that our competition is stealing from their students. Why leave them isolated when they can benefit from learning together?


It is not that difficult to create a virtual educational community. You simply have to understand the needs of your students, find the way, platform or social network that best suits their profile and the training action in question and provide them with a way to communicate, from a simple WhatsApp group, a Telegram channel (with or without a bot) or a group of LinkedIn to classes via Zoom so everyone can have their own voice and can interact with each other.


Two pieces of advice: On the one hand, it is positive that, especially at the beginning, there is a moderator. On the other hand, we must also let them fly because, at the end of the day, the important thing is that they have the necessary freedom to generate synergies.


Remember that, Whoever you are, we can support you to learn with other people.


AND It will be a pleasure for us to feel that we have given everything for you. Whether you are a person actively searching for employment, a company, a public organization or a self-employed person, we can provide you with solutions to be more sustainable, to be more prepared and be more competitive. 


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