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Communication in times of crisis: Exploding batteries and corporate ostriches

Communication in times of crisis: Exploding batteries and corporate ostriches

Communication in times of crisis:

The left hand of God.

The great Maradona showed that have left hand It is fundamental in life and that winning has a moral price. The other side is to look like a troll or a hater It ruins years of pampering a product/service. Therefore, communication in times of crisis not only avoids business headaches, but even prevents "migraines" before they occur.

Example of bad practices: Samsung and its major mistakes.

Without a doubt, one of the digital soap operas of last year 2016 was the, on the other hand, magnificent Note 7. Little by little social networks and Twitters were filled with shocking photographs of literally melted Korean smartphones. The culmination was the viral video of a all terrain burning from all sides when its unsuspecting driver decided to charge the device with the car's cigarette lighter. Meanwhile, the Korean company tried to cover up the problem paying users so that they would not upload the video of the smoking terminal. It was trying put doors to the field.

Prevention works

Trust is capable of stopping mountains and rivers of digital ink. Therefore, if our prosumers are accustomed to adequate feedback with responses that are as close to real time as possible, we will not only turn our social networks into a clear success story, but also a perfect showcase for a satisfied clientele. We are not going to deceive you (it is not our style), this requires time-money and represents a long-term investment that many do not know how to measure. But the big brands, those that we don't want to name because they don't pay us for it, have only been able to become big because they are dominant or the first in the starting market or because they have had exquisite treatment on analog and digital social networks with its buyers, even in the most difficult times.

Obvious moral

Any company or corporation is susceptible to suffering, fairly or unfairly, from this situation, but let's not forget that marketing (not to mention advertising) is no place for the blind goddess of the scales and history only remembers the ones that always sell the most. If not, tell Nokia. Therefore, to avoid ending up in oblivion, bankruptcy or with a warehouse full of unsaleable products, as part of corporate communication there must always be a contingency plan, a formal education of those responsible to know how to react in time in the right measure and with proportional tools.
A course like the one communication in times of crisis, prepared and taught by our Pool of experts in social networks, marketing, journalism and corporate communication, is a good vaccine against those colds that can end in pneumonia even if it is August 31. We are not going to fool you, it sells itself. This blog entry is a warning-reminder for the clueless corporate ones.

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