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Mainjobs Group, collaborators in the “Marbella Integra” project

Mainjobs Group, collaborators in the “Marbella Integra” project

We are delighted to inform you that the Most Excellent Marbella City Council has granted Grupo Mainjobs the delivery and execution of various training itineraries carried out within the framework of the project. “Marbella Integra”, whose main objective is reinforce the employability and professional skills of people in a situation or risk of social exclusion, in order to facilitate their socio-labor insertion.

The training actions that we will carry out—which can lead to obtaining its corresponding professional certificate— are the following:

  • Dynamization of educational free time activities for children and youth (380 hours).
  • Group processes, animation techniques and resources in free-time activities (320 hours).
  • Floor management and cleaning in accommodations (550 hours).
  • Recording and data processing operations (510 hours).
  • Customer, consumer or user service (320 hours).
  • International marketing and sales (700 hours).

Each course will have a professional internship module through which the participants will be able to acquire the necessary skills to face the real problems of that occupation, acquiring work experience that will strengthen the employability of the participants.

Likewise, there will be a module for transversal and complementary training that will expand knowledge in more general areas, such as new technologies, equality, occupational risk prevention and job search.

We will carry out 6 editions of each of the courses throughout 2021, teaching a total of 16,680 hours deformation. 540 people They will be able to benefit from this opportunity to improve their professional profile.

We have excellent facilities, high-quality teaching material and a highly qualified and motivated teaching team so that students can get the most out of their training. Do you dare to sign up and improve your resume and your job opportunities? Follow us on our social networks to be the first to sign up!

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