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Venture capital: Think like the big guys and raise funds for your business ideas

Venture capital: Think like the big guys and raise funds for your business ideas


«Do not trust those who have already found the truth. Trust only those who continue to search for it.

André Kostolany

A few months ago we saw someone pay with their phone in a large shopping center for the first time. Not long ago we were amazed when someone paid at a bakery with their Apple Watch.
Our relationship with money is no longer the same. Furthermore, the crisis has reinforced the phrase "money is very cowardly", turning investors into an animal that many want to hunt, but cannot.
Perhaps venture capital is like cloud storage, which is no longer centered in a single location, but is delocalized, mutated and converted into micro-veins of different nature, objective and dimension.


Every business idea should begin with self-analysis, that is, answering the big question of what investment do I need?:

  • To start.
  • To be able to launch the product/service.
  • To reach critical mass.

Guadalinfo Impulsa  It has always been characterized by its practicality and by knowing that base capital is essential for an idea to germinate and grow, even if its objective is something social.
For this reason, the Cycle of Discussions “The Challenges of the Innovator” seeks to give more resources to Andalusian social economy companies.


Chinese innovators understood this many centuries ago. Their venture, which has catapulted them to second position in the world ranking, has a very simple conceptual basis: innovators look for human and economic resources in their close circle. Therefore, the first financing of any idea begins in the circle of friends and acquaintances. In this way, success and failure is collective and debt with third parties (banks or external partners) is avoided.
In the United States, the democratization of stock market investment has had serious consequences in the last decade, but for almost 30 years it has been the basis for thousands of emerging businesses.
Look carefully at the following infographic and assume that venture capital is nowhere and everywhere.

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There are no magic recipes, but we can train our common sense and refine our ability to attract or search for resources, if we seek appropriate advice. The colloquium “Venture capital: Think like the big guys and raise funds for your business ideas”, given by Cartos Cañete, is designed especially for you, who have innovative ideas related to the social economy, but need funds.
In Córdoba, next June 5.
Reserve your place now by completing the form.

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