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On-demand analysis for business environments.

Competency assessment

In those companies that are committed to career development of your employees, competency evaluations are carried out that will determine which employees have a specific competency profile with the potential to occupy another position in the company.


The tools typically used for competency assessment are combined for a more reliable analysis in what is called Assessment center  and among the most notable tools are:

  • Personal interviews of critical incidents.
  • Test of knowledge.
  • Test of personality.
  • Dynamics of group.


Did you know...?

Carrying out the competency assessment is useful:

  • To generate job boards with qualified employees.
  • Work environments with high turnover rate.
  • In corporate environments with professional careers.
  • Personnel selections more effective.
  • Help create plans high impact training.

What we offer?

  • System of specialized online questionnaires.
  • Database organized by competency profiles.
  • Online interviews with expert recruiters.
  • Maximum group: 5 people €1,800
  • Maximum group: 10 people €3,000
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