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Available courses

Social and health care for people at home

Works as a home help assistant

February - August 2022

Scholarship of €1,900 approx.*

Aimed at the Unemployed of Andújar

In-person 545 hours

Practices 120 hours

15 places available

Health care to dependents in social institutions

Works as a caregiver for dependent people in institutions

March - July 2022

Scholarship of approximately €1,600*

Aimed at the Unemployed of Andújar

In-person 435 hours

Practices 80 hours

15 places available


Applicants for the training itineraries must be unemployed and registered as job seekers in the Andalusian Employment Service (SAE) and, in addition, they must belong to any of the vulnerable groups listed below, as set out in the framework of the Project “Go for a job”.


  1. Completion of the complete training is an essential requirement to obtain the scholarship and once completed, it will only be paid if the days of attendance exceed 90% of the total certificate.
  2. Prove income or monthly income less than 75% of the IPREM.

Compatibility of financial aid to participants

The requirement of not having income or monthly income, equal to or greater than 75 percent of the IPREM in force in each annuity, to obtain the right to receive financial aid in cases where the Entity decides to grant aid to participants for attending the itineraries. training, will be checked at the beginning of the training action. The aid they receive for public social benefits or social assistance counts towards the aforementioned 75% limit.

Once the action has started and during the development of the training program, public social benefits or aid, unemployment aid, income or income of any nature obtained by the participants, will be compatible with the assistance aid without the limitation of 75% of the IPREM.

To prove the amount of the income or income of the participants, the Entities must have in the file at least the following documents, without prejudice to the fact that they may also provide other documentation that they consider appropriate:

· Certificate from the State Public Employment Service (SPEE) of being registered as unemployed and not appearing as a beneficiary of an unemployment benefit or subsidy.

· Responsible declaration of the participant of not receiving rent or monthly income, equal to or greater than 75% of the current IPREM.

For the purposes of determining the amount of the eligible expense for this concept, only the days of attendance entitled to the aid or scholarship will be taken into account.

It is the Entity's responsibility to approve the procedure and criteria for granting aid to participants in training itineraries, respecting the principles of equal opportunities and non-discrimination.

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