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Acelerando la creatividad y el talento

Creative Acceleration

Creative Acceleration

This is perhaps the most wonderful image in the world and the best news in months. The great communicator Luis Quevedo accompanied her masterfully

the strange beauty of the human intellect….

The reaction of humanity to the threat to its survival in the form of the scientific, logistical and economic achievement of a viable vaccine in months.

But in this biological war there are other collateral victims: the most obvious, the economic ones, but there are others not so close to the surface that can be dangerous.

One of them, without a doubt, is the disappearance in practice of the face-to-face collective intelligence. And ****is that, while Google, Apple or Amazon have sent everyone home to telework and the maintenance of their base business has proven to be able to maintain continuity and even grow, certain voices have been raised to remember that the Thinking and ideation spaces that are the basis of corporate innovation require a common context for the exchange of ideas and the hybridization of proposals to launch products/services or innovative improvements.

This same evil afflicts any entrepreneurial or intrapreneurial activity that requires physical and in-person meetings. This touches squarely on coworking spaces, networking, conferences, workshops and any “sarao” that in many cases in history have been the spark that accelerates the creation of teams and the implementation of new ideas.

In something that has already become a custom, from the innovation department of Grupo Mainjobs we try, it is clear that we also achieve, Give answer since the beginning of the year to the changing circumstances of quality in-person training and also to the entrepreneurship and active job search programs with solutions:

  • Scalable
  • Hyperpersonalized
  • Creative

Virtualizing is not just about making crappy video conferences like the competition does. It means going back to the drawing board and drawing new guidelines to stimulate and achieve not emulate but improve the experience of students and/or users.

Another success story

He Link By UMA has been a reference in the last five years as a figurehead of the incubation of ideas for university students of the University of Malaga and accumulates hundreds of flight hours in creating workshops, training and all types of comprehensive high-training programs for encourage recent graduate pioneers.

COVID disrupted this trajectory, but the board and the vice-rector for social innovation and entrepreneurship with Mr. Rafael Ventura at the head, they felt the moral obligation (their words in a recent event) to find new formulas for the venture to continue its course secure and in 2.0 format. For this, it had Mainjobs Group to organize and disseminate the first Virtual #Hackathon, a 3-day program that brought together almost 40 young minds to improve their sources of:

  • Inspiration
  • Information and data
  • Training in soft skills and multiple intelligences

With the participation of more than half a dozen experts, a program was created that included the following services:

  • Virtual escape room: To do team building and community training their ability to face challenges.
  • Reading club: With works that can inspire your entrepreneurship as you have already done with others.
  • Cinema forum to undertake: Where the seventh art came to life so that they learned to convert the
    fiction actually.

It closed with a series of deliverables to work on and regulate the sources of information and inspiration in order to establish regulated habits and processes that help to have an orderly workflow that they can apply autonomously.

Flowchart associated with the ArtMarketing workshop given on the second day of #Acreative Acceleration to develop a hypothetical marketing campaign for our future product/service or process improvement.

Bonus track: Throughout the week, a Discord channel and Among Us games were enabled where participants shared experiences and ideas.

In summary, #ACreativeAcceleration became a context where arts, sciences and innovation They are a crossroads of paths that seek to create a hybridized context of smart leadership for future entrepreneurs that will allow them to develop:

  • The strategic imagination.
  • Critical thinking.
  • Team work.
  • Contextual analysis.
  • Transverse empathy.
  • Empathic creativity.

If you read me and nod your head because your company, organization or corporation has lost the group ideation space, call us and we will create for you the most appropriate digital environment to not only emulate what is in person, but improve it and accelerate your creativity.

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