Horizonte Orienta Programme

Vocation as driving force

Horizonte Orienta Programme

Vocational training is a social priority and one of the main tools against academic failure, youth unemployment and lack of entrepreneurship. In addition, if the target audience is of school age, family reconciliation gets better.

Horizonte Orienta Programme, developed by Fundación Didáctica XXI, helps young people to discover their talents in different areas such as: sports, fashion, videogames, apps for mobile devices, communication, etc. But this is only one of the many contributions to society. The next one is already working:

Horizonte Koios is designed to detect and develop multiple intelligences in kids which were hidden in the current education system.

Horizonte Bilingüe Programme by Fundación Didáctica is working in more than 100 public schools It promotes the improvement of linguistic skills in English among more than 2000 students.

¿Qué ofrecemos?

  • Alternative educative approach designed to increase youngters’ future choices
  • Promotion of volunteering
  • Bring innovation in education where it is most needed
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